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"On the Great Divide, Its All Downhill From Here"            
Pie Town Cafe
Pie Town New Mexico

  Want a piece of Pie....Town?  We have a sweetheart of a 50 acre lot for sale for only $47,500, and the buyer receives Free Pie!
                   Ask For Details.
  Pie-O-Neer Cafe
       Call for hours and days open 
       Top Of The World General Store
 is open 7 days a week with home made pie                     for sale and lots more

In Americas great southwest, astride the Continental Divide, sits Pie Town, peacefully resting in west central New Mexico.

In the early 1920's "broke down" on the side of the road, Mr. Clyde Norman a tall Texan and WW1 veteran who "liked to bake" began making dried apple pies at his at his upstart business on a piece of ground that lay along a little rocky ridge and the "Coast to Coast Highway" later to become U.S. 60. The word spread that the best pies anywhere were to be found at "Pie Town". The Town still carries that distinction.
Pie Town is also home to the world renowned
Pie Town Cafe which has been featured in various television programs and national publications, such as the February 2005 Smithsonian Magazine and The Food Networks "Best Thing I ever Ate" and recently on CBS Sunday Morning, Featuring Articles on the New Mexican Apple Pie Created at the Pie Town Cafe.

A scenic 160 miles Southwest of Albuquerque,  far enough away to find peace and quiet in an increasingly, noisy and fast paced world,you will find Pie Town, at mile marker 56, U.S. Hwy 60. 

Visited by a myriad of travelers seeking a more relaxed route, as well as adventurers from around the world traveling the Continental Divide Trail from Mexico to Canada, Pie Town is an oasis  of pie halfway between Socorro NM and the Arizona state line.

At nearly 8000' above sea level this diminutive western town also has a Post Office (still), Pie-O-Neer cafe, and Top Of The World General Store and washateria, full of snacks, souvenirs, art and more.

Pie Town also offers "Lester Jackson Park"  a FREE campground yes free! where the Annual Pie Town Festival is held on every second Saturday in September.

The main activities are staying warm or cool, cowboy'ing, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, telling stories, pie baking/eating, star gazing (or just plain gazing) and enjoying a life well lived.

Life here is a step back in the past where we look out for one another and would not drive past without waving. Strangers talk to each other, making eye contact. Friends are made easily.

Stop in for a visit and say howdy to us.
"That's our story and we're stickin' to it"

Pie Town circa 1940

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